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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Special Extended Trailer

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Special Extended Trailer

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Yes! Since we didn't get a Super Bowl Trailer, We'll keep the spirit alive and give you a new fan-made trailer! tried to keep the feel and did throw in obvious story line edits. Enjoy, comment, like, dislike, share, it's all good! all welcome! Oh, and about those Star Wars The Force Awakens rumors? They come from one site and it's click bait. Enjoy the real movie when it comes out! not some BS rumors.

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Romeo Lux : Thanks all for over 1,000,000 Views! 
Michael J. Roldán Cabán : This is one of the best fan edits I've seen so far for The Force Awakens trailer. Great job!
Isaac Weaver : Fan made trailers are always so vague and show nothing at all... that's how you tell right away that they are, Fake And GAY!
mellowb1rd : Would it kill you to put "FAN-made trailer" in the title?
InglebertHumperdink1 : When I was a kid I always thought Darth Vader said to Luke " Tell your sister,...what a ride" lol
Alex T : "Special Extended Trailer" is an acceptable description of a fan-made trailer? Fuck. You.
Morris Spick : I hope movie will be no so stupid as the "official" trailer is. I hope the "official" trailer is a fake because is more childish than loony tunes cartoon.
Jastroyer manswer : I'm interested to see how they explain a black storm trooper...