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Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan Movie HD

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Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan Movie HD

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Bradley Faulkner : i still dont see how you can have a black torch and a white sue storm! they are siblings right?! Im all for some diversity, but at least make it uniform lol
The Arkham Knight : Hey, why is the human torch black? I'm not too familiar with the comics but wasn't he white? Plus his sister is white too. And before all the racist come, I'm black
WILLUSUBSCRIBE : I hate these trailers that tell me absolutely nothing about the film... random image...random image...random image... dah dah dah dah FANTASTIC FOUR In Cinemas (wtf was that about?)
dru. : No offense to black people but a black super hero is a little bit farfetched to me. Black guys typically just want to chill out and watch the b-ball game or go to KFC and then sleep afterwards. What I'm trying to say here is they aren't really a believable super hero. I'm just being honest here so hopefully no one takes offense. ^-^
Skyler Thomas : A Black Nick Fury, a Black Kingpin, a Black Little Orphan Annie, a Samoan Hercules, and now, a Black Johnny Storm, why are White characters being changed? For diversity? Why the *need* for diversity anyway? Why is having diversity such a necessity? What's inherently wicked and wrong about having an all-white cast? Surely nobody would criticize an all-black cast? Surely nobody would complain of a movie being "too Mexican" or "too Japanese"? Johnny Storm was and has always been White, his sister, the Invisible Woman, is also White. Interracial couples and families are literally an absolute minority every where on the planet -- humans, as any species and subspecies, innately prefer their own kind; they prefer to associate with and familiarize themselves with those most like them. There's nothing wrong with Black people wanting "their kind" being more expressed and represented, nor is there anything wrong with White people wanting their kind being more expressed and represented -- White people, after all, also have ethnic and cultural interests to exert -- and criticizing and complaining when their heritage, history and literature is unspurred. Even in the United States, interracial couples and families only represent roughly 5 percent of the overall population; and Black people only represent roughly 10 percent of the overall population; am I to believe the film industry is explicitly targeting that 5 and 10 percent? That would be very economically unwise. If you want money you pander to the majority, not the minority. Obviously the film industry -- which is already a multibillion dollar racket -- isn't attempting to pander to only 5 or 10 percent of the population. This has nothing to do with "tolerance", "past injustices" or "ending racism" -- a Communist derived word -- this is about Political Correctness, this is about Cultural Marxism, this is about attacking so-called "White privilege" and "oppressive" White culture. After all, the only countries that are ever "in need of diversity" are White countries, you don't find trendy left-wing apologists and slick Hollywood producers pushing for diversity in Japan, Uganda, China, Tibet, Israel, etc. You don't see significant Asian, Arabic, Jewish or Black characters being changed for the sake of diversity.
Arthur Lopes : If it's alright to cast black people as white characters, why don't they turn Luke Cage white for Netflix? Or T'Challa? This "let's include who we think are minorities" shit is what's racist. 
computermonster1 : When you think of Fantastic 4, what do you really think of? Because Dark, grounded, and gritty is not one of them. This is why the rights need to come back to MARVEL studios, look at this. Its..........its not fantastic 4.
Sgt Gudda : every trailer that i see has racist comments about black people...