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im lonely - Psilonox - 04-22-2017

Hey, anyone check these? anyone? hit me up on facebook page, or start new posts, whats going on in everyones lives? the game? any news?


Re: im lonely - Andre - 04-27-2017

Hey man, I check the forums daily and see everything on facebook, its a bit quiet on the server and forum nowadays, a few new members might be good Wink get a bit more known as a clan.

Also, how much have you had to do with Fht? I played a lot on the servers before coming to PTWB and as far as I can tell, both clans seem to be at about the same level. They have more players, but for the most part I think we could work with them a bit, maybe a clan war of sorts. I would love to see myself, Spoti and Slippy take on Hitman, Sport+++ and Jocker in a 3v3. I'm on the hunt for work again now and once I have a bit more money coming in I'll be happy to spare some coin and host my own PTWB server. Maybe even a dedicated PTWB vs Fht server.

Ah well either way it is just a thought for the (hopefully) not too distant future. We'll see what happens :p

Re: im lonely - Bryan623 - 04-28-2017

Andre, that's a great idea.  About the servers, i can host more than one on the VPS they're running on, so you won't need to pay for a server.  I also agree with the clan getting bigger, we need to figure out how to promote the clan.  Maybe we could expand to other games like Forza Horizon 3.  You guys could also recruit some friends too!  Smile