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G'day lads - Andre - 04-06-2017

Hey everyone, my name is Andre and I am from all the way down here in Australia! I'm turning 18 this year and I have been playing trackmania on and off since 2011, and through 2013 - 2015 I played with RG. After my stint with them I left to create a new clan and hosted a server in trackmania 2, and also did some lower level ESL competitions, as well as build tracks for smaller Australia only competitions. I also own TM Turbo as well (god knows why, its awful) However now I am just after some casual racing with a good bunch of blokes, which is why I am hereĀ  Tongue

So thats a little bit about me. See you all in game !!

Re: G'day lads - Psilonox - 04-08-2017

good to have you on board!